I'm in the middle of a break - about 50 days between my last big race and my next block of training. I have about 25 days until I start IRONMAN TRAINING and 163 Days, 22 Hours and 38 Minutes until Ironman Florida. [but who's counting?]

My last big race was the White Lake Spring Half, so I've spent the last 20-some days recovering, doing smaller events and trying to keep my fitness and form so that I can be prepped for those first hard weeks of two-a-day workouts and increasing mileage.


This morning I realized I'm in a sweet spot physically and mentally. I did a track workout this morning and hit all of my paces. I've been swimming strong sets and although I haven't done much biking, my ride on Saturday was solid. Mentally, I'm ready to race again. I've been looking for races and setting new goals. I've found an inspirational new song and I'm even sporting a new pair of goggles.

It's like I've set up my transition spot and I'm ready to GO! Thanks for joining me!