Hooray Hooray, it's up and away! Introducing the new BETHANDREW.COM. After blogging with Google Blogger/Blogspot for nearly seven years, I've upgraded to SQUARESPACE. Isn't it pretty here? I'm loving the new design. I've dropped some features (a few pages and my twitter feed) from the old site and combined others. Please be sure to check out HIGHLIGHTS (with links to the old site) and JOURNAL (the new spot for blog posts).

This year I've been challenged to write for only ten minutes a day.  In those ten minutes I want to pull out the stories and lessons that I learn from training or racing or from the people I know in this sport.  I want to know what will make me a better person - not just a better triathlete. And,  I want to share the stories that inspire me to become a stronger person. Very. Short. Ten-minute stories. 

This year I'm working on two themes to guide my focus here. Themes that stem from the questions: WHAT? and WHY?

One of the biggest questions I hear is WHY? Friends, co-workers, family - especially my mother-in-law - they all want to know: why would you do this (again)? In fact, when you get the questions from someone as important as your mother-in-law, you start to ask and really want to find the answer.

The other theme stems from a question asked by a fellow coach: WHAT are the qualities of a successful IRONMAN? Which ones do I have and which ones do I need to work on? What traits do other athletes have that make them successful - in triathlon and life in general. And, how can I apply what I learn in training or in a race to my life as a woman, wife, sister, daughter, coach and friend.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing the journey with me.