I know! I know! I've been M.I.A. for a while. It's odd to say I took a week off for work - but I did. I took about a week to throw a big ole party and auction for my favorite cause: masonboro.org. We are a grassroots group of (mostly) locals trying to keep Masonboro Island open to the public.  Last week we held a benefit to raise money for two of our programs. Island Explorers is a new educational program designed for fifth graders in our county. It's an introduction to the island and to marine biology. Our keystone program is to keep Masonboro Island clean. Every year, the island is bombarded by people and their trash - especially on the Fourth of July.  For five years, we've sent volunteers to the island to clean up after a bunch of party-goers who don't take responsibility for leaving a place better than they found it. Last year we collected 4,000 pounds of trash off the island and secured another year of access for surfers, anglers, paddlers, campers and beach-goers.

Anyway, I did manage to keep up my training - but not the blog. I did (part of) a track workout, I swam with shoes on, I biked in circles.  Maybe that's my take away from last week. Sometimes priorities shift. On those days or weeks or even months it's critical to do what you can and let go of the rest. It (your training, your to do list and your blog) will be there when you return. Ironman requires you to set priorities - and stick with them!

My priorities will shift again next week: Week One of my ironman training officially starts on Monday. Here we go again......