I was going to write about my goals, but I'll save that entry for tomorrow. Today, I'm going to talk about the heat. I mentioned it yesterday and there's a chance I'll mention it again. It's stifling and it takes a toll on training. It affects my pacing and it gets in my head. Today I did a swim + run. I swam 3500 yards in a 90 degree pool. I did a run afterwards and the heat index was in the upper 90s.  It was not a fun. I did all the practical stuff: I drank a lot of water and electrolytes. I wore cool clothing and slowed down.  Here are a few ways I've been beating the heat:

  • Run through a sprinkler. Like an airplane. I eyed a kiddie pool in somebody's front yard.
  • I faked a mantra. MIND OVER MATTER. IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER. [thank you, Bill Murray]
  • I imagined I was swimming in ice. I imagined I was running near the Artic Sea. I pretended to be cold-natured.  
  • I stopped at Krispy Kreme and for the first time ever asked for ice water.
  • I had homemade blueberry ice cream for breakfast.
  • I body surfed four waves after a swim in the channel and a run at the beach.

I have a friend racing Ironman Couer D'Alene this weekend. That will be 140.6 miles of 101 degree heat. Last night we had a little send-off party for her. Everyone was encouraged to bring something to cool her down. I brought her KoolAid in a Olaf cup. And I made her a cd. A Cold d'Alene Mix. For both workouts I tried to remember some of those songs: