Last week,  I mentioned that my pilates practice was spilling into my triathlon life. For the sake of J.P., I'll say it's FLOWING. I have seen a huge difference in my swim, bike and run physically. I have practiced and/or teach two mat classes and one reformer/cadillac/chair/barrel class each week for about a year and I can see and feel a difference it's made in my posture and form. My arms are stronger for the swim. My glutes (meds, mins and max's) are more powerful and my posture and breathing on the run is fantastic. Did I mention my arms? This is how I feel about my arms: 


The cues that are used in my practice - especially with my AMAZING instructor - definitely flow into my SBR.  When I swim I think,  pull water down with your armpits. When I bike, I think, deepen your abdominals to work push with your legs.  When I run, I think about breathing into my belly (not my rib cage) and growing tall, shoulders melting away from my ears. 

More to come on this subject and how I use it this week.