Yesterday I wrote this to an athlete who's hit a temporary rough spot:

So much of ironman is how to reframe your circumstances, your emotions, your expectations and keep moving. Ironman race day – and life – is about constantly resetting the way your body, mind, heart and soul and taking the next step. You can do that – you are constantly adapting at and you can do that now. This is the perfect time to hit that reboot button. Chin up! Don’t look at your feet when you take the next step. Trust that you can – and you will.

Last week, I hit the reboot button and took a vacation. I have been training hard and needed a break. I haven't seen any gains, I was hungry, exhausted and thinking only about triathlon. So, Dirty Spice and I hit the Big Apple. We were there to see U2 at Madison Square Garden but we hit swim/bike/run in the city that doesn't sleep.

Because in order to reboot, sometimes an IRONMAN needs a break.