I took a much needed break last week in New York City. And, although I needed recovery in week five of training, I still had to stay active and push myself a little. I had to get creative with my training.  Here how I managed to keep fit:

CITIBIKE - We did not take a taxi or Uber the entire time we were in NYC. We rented CitiBikes and rode all over the place. On our first morning we rented a bike near our hotel and rode up the Hudson River greenway all the way to Central Park. We docked the bikes, ran in Central Park (that story later) and then headed back to the hotel later in the morning.

We did the same thing on Thursday - but we headed south to Brooklyn. We took the CitiBikes into the Financial District, stopped for coffee, re-rented our bikes and headed over the Brooklyn Bridge (a freakin' thrill!) to eventually catch a train to Coney Island.

We only got in 7.5 miles each day, but that distance on a heavy three-speed cruiser got my heart rate up and I used it as a strength workout.


FLYWHEEL - I took my first FLYWHEEL class thanks to our longtime friend Thomas Nakios. I'm a bit of a spinning snob, but I LOVED the workout. The studio was dark and packed (50 bikers) the music was pumping, the competition was fierce and the instructor (Josh) had nice legs. There was one song that included arm weights and occasionally Josh would flash our scores on certain songs or for the whole class. Dirty Spice was in the top five and I was in the top nine at the end. That's right, country girls will show you how it's DONE!

We were hungry and I was a little sore the rest of the day.

Not Our FlyWheel Class

Not Our FlyWheel Class