My mother-in-law is right: I'm addicted to triathlon. There. I said it. I love it. I can't live without it. I can't quit whenever I want to. All the signs are there! I want to swim, bike and run. And when I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about it, or reading about it or writing about it. Or, I'm coaching others who may or may not be addicted also.

I'm an everyday athlete who found triathlon in 2008. I have a background in running, but due in part to injuries and in part to a little boredom - I decided to try my first sprint tri. I was immediately hooked. I fell in love with the supportive atmosphere, the competition, the people, the bling, the gear, being outdoors, meeting goals and the stories that come out of it all! I did two sprints the next year, joined a local tri club the year after that, became a USA Triathlon coach in 2010 and step-by-step moved from sprint, to international distance to half ironman to ironman. In October of 2017, I completed my FIFTIETH triathlon and moved up to Level II Endurance coach for USAT.

This is the spot to get your triathlon fix, too. I write about training, races, recovery, mishaps, coaching tips and more. Stop by for your dose of everything triathlon or subscribe for a weekly wrap-up delivered right to your inbox!