We're home! Our Caribbean Adventure ended on Monday and we returned to Wilmington late that night. I have to say our trip this year was even better than last. By the time we left, we felt a part of the Le Vele and had completely adapted to Island Time.

We spent the last few days (Friday - Sunday) doing a bunch of nothin'. We borrowed the Le Vele bikes and went into town. The Saltmills is a small center (maybe six shops and an art gallery) and we browsed around for a few trinkets. Neal bought some cigars and I found some fun earrings and a hat.

On Friday evening a front moved in and the wind picked up so we spent most of the last few days on the beach. We did Sushi at Yoshi's one night, hit a Irish pub (sports bar) one night and the Bay Bistro on Saturday night.

We watched a wedding from our deck on Saturday.

I finally finished my book on Sunday. This is actually a great vacation read. Mr. Buffett can spin a good tale. The best part is that you don't have to listen to his music while you read it. He actually refers to two all time great songs: IF I HAD A BOAT and THE WIND CRIES MARY.

Neal finished his first book on Day Three of the trip and finished up his second (A PAINTED HOUSE by John Grisham) on the flight into Wilmington.

On Sunday, we were entertained by our Egret. He flew into the pool area about 10:30am and proceeded to pick the area clean of the tiny geckos that run around Provo. He walked/balanced along the hedges and struck when the lizards were least expecting.

On Sunday night, we had not-so-fancy appetizers on the deck before walking down the beach to Hemingways. Despite the wind, the sky was incredible - with full views of the Milky Way, the Big Dipper, Mars and Venus.

Above & Below: Views of our Views

Here is the rainbow that we saw on our last day. There were quite a few squalls that moved across the island and one left this colorful arc that moved closer and closer to the shore.

The promise of our return? I hope so!