I am addicted to snorkeling. Yesterday was incredible. We were picked up for our half-day snorkel cruise outside Le Vele and taken to our ride - a 48-foot catamaran run by Sail Provo. There were about 10 couples on the boat and we went to three different snorkel sites. The first site was shallow and warm. Someone sighted a shark here and there were several barracudas. Here's what we saw.

Here is a rare sighting of an Ace-Fish:

Ooooh. Barracuda.
Here is my picture of the fish:
Here is the fishies' picture of me:

Here I am above water. After the second site, we hoisted the sails and cruised about a mile off-shore. They provided pineapple and cantaloupe and the rum punch was flowing. They had the tunes pumpin' and we heard everything from Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake to Janet Jackson and Bell Biv Devoe. Hilarious.

Mmmmm. Calamari.

Just kidding. What we thought was a small squid was actually a cuttlefish. She joined up with four others and lined up in a row along some rocks. They were perfectly spaced from each other and just rocked back and forth with the waves. The third spot we hit was the best. The sunlight was just right and the reefs were about 10 feet down. There were tons of caves and little ledges for fish to sneak in and out of. We were not there nearly long enough.

One of the highlights of the trip was spotting JoJo the dolphin. JoJo is a celebrity around here - you may have seen him in the movie DOLPHINS around 2000. He is a loner dolphin that seems to be more social with humans than with his own species. We came across him on the trip in and I was stunned by his size. I think he was about 8 feet long. He hung out in our wake and surfaced a few times before veering off after some lunch.

Here we are disembarking from our craft. Next time, I'm doing a whole day trip!