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BETh andrew coaching

I offer personal and group coaching for swim, bike, run and pilates training. I've worked with beginners and advanced-intermediate athletes. I provide in-person coaching and consultations for local athletes and online coaching for athletes around the country. If you're ready to become a better, faster, well-rounded triathlete, here's what you can expect:

MENTORSHIP I'll meet you right where you are to help you get started on your next goal. My purpose as your coach is to help you make the next right step - and see you through every step of the way. We'll work together as a team to reach your potential.  I look forward to getting to know you and understanding what drives you and can tailor your plan to fit your motivation.  Whether you're interested in trying your first sprint or working on your next ironman; whether you're wanting a just-finish program or your first podium finish - we'll create a partnership to reach your athletic goals by training smart, having fun and being efficient with your time.

PREPARATION & PLANNING One of my greatest strengths is preparation and planning and I want to pass that on to you. We will work diligently to have you mentally and physically ready for every event. I'll provide numerous tools to help you train smarter and I offer a structured, customized program to fit your specific needs.


University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC — BA Journalism, 1993

Peace College
Raleigh, NC – AA Communication, 1991

USAT Level I Coach [2010]

USACycling Level III Coach [2017]

Jack Daniels VDot Run Coach [2017]

Spinning Instructor [2008]

Pilates Certified Mat Instructor [2015]



Leanna Soroka - IMLOU 2016

Beth Shivak - IMAZ 2015

Erica Christensen - B2B 2013


Beth Shivak - IM MUNCIE 70.3

Chris Miller - Mountains to Main Street 72.3

Robin Miller - Mountains to Main Street 72.3


Colin Jones - BOSTON MARATHON 2016 [3:10:45]

Erica Christensen - Short Course Regional Champ 2014



4G TRAINING: What is 4G? It's GUSTO + GUMPTION + GRUEL + GRACE. It's worked it's way into my coaching and training philosophy. Some days you need GUSTO: enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest; or GUMPTION: spirited initiative, courage or common sense. You may have to face the GRUEL: an experience that's exhausting and punishing and give yourself GRACE: courteous goodwill, forgiveness and ease. It's likely that you'll face these in a race or in daily life. I design your plan around the 4G philosophy to help you succeed.

I have been a USA Triathlon Level I Certified coach since 2010. I am trained in exercise physiology, triathlon specific training techniques and periodization and planning.  In the past five years I’ve coached 20+ athletes on my personal roster to multiple sprint and international distance races, 10 iron-distance races and 15 half-iron distance races. Seven of those athletes were newcomers to long-course and ultra-distance triathlon.  In 2016, I coached my first triathlon camp for current athletes competing in Ironman NC 70.3 and 140.6. Since 2010, I’ve been a volunteer coach for the YDubTriClub and have coached 10-20 members to sprint and international distance finishes.

A life-long runner, I became a triathlete in 2008. Since then, I have competed in 44 sprint, international, half-iron and iron distance triathlons. I am a certified SPINNING™ and pilates instructor for New Hanover Regional Medical Center's employee fit center and a coach for the YWCA Triathlon Club. 





As your coach, I'll meet you right where you are to help you get started on your next goal. My purpose as your coach is to help you make the next right step - and see you through every step of the way. We'll work together as a team to reach your potential.


Need advice about your current training? Need some inside scoop on your next race? Need info on gear or simply want feedback on your next step? Consider the LEVEL I plan your coaching hotline. We can meet by phone, for coffee, for lunch or for a workout to discuss general solutions or specific questions, technique or form issues or even mental race strategies. This level is also great for a private swim lesson, bike trainer session or run session. Cost is based on an hourly rate of $40.


This program is a perfect intro to one-on-one [level three] coaching. Athletes receive three to five key workouts per week geared toward a specific race, event or goal. You'll receive workouts via Training Peaks [a web-based tracking app]. Plus, athletes will receive a event planner, nutrition prep tips and bi-weekly chat time.  This plan works best for experienced athletes or groups who are looking for structure, accountability, variety and flexibility in their training plans.  Choose the triathlon option or single sport focus [swim/bike/run].  Rates start at $50 per month and are based on event distance.


This program includes a customized plan based an upcoming event or race.  Level III athletes receive weekly plans based on their personal profile - an assessment of fitness and medical history, strengths and limiters and current life schedule. This program is perfect for novices and experienced athletes who need a mentor for every step of their first or next race. You'll receive:

Customized/Adjustable Annual or Event Training Plan

Weekly Feedback and Analysis of Your Training

Race-Day Planning

Mental Strategies for Training & Racing

Weekly Chat Time and Unlimited Digital Contact

LEVEL III Rates start at $50 per month and are based on event distance.

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My athletes range from beginners competing in their first 5K or sprint triathlon to regional age-group champions to multi-ironman finishers. My athletes seek me out because I am a well-rounded coach who understands what it’s like to work a full-time job while training to be the best they can. Plus, I combine tried-and-true basics and the latest fact-based innovations for training and racing. I strive to give individual attention to each athlete and will never write a cookie cutter plan.


Previous clients and experience include:

COLIN JONES - [January - April 2016] Boston Marathon 2015 finish of 3:10.

LEANNA SOROKA - first time IRONMAN finish in Louisville 2016.