I’m so excited for you and what your year holds. I can’t wait to work with you to meet your goals and achieve things you never thought possible. Here are a few things you can expect as an athlete my roster:

MENTORSHIP   I'll meet you right where you are to help you get started on your next goal. My purpose as your coach is to help you make the next right step - and see you through every step of the way. We'll work together as a team to reach your potential.  I look forward to getting to know you and understanding what drives you and can tailor your plan to fit your motivation.  Whether you're interested in trying your first sprint or working on your next ironman; whether you're wanting a just-finish program or your first podium finish - we'll create a partnership to reach your athletic goals by training smart, having fun and being efficient with your time.

PREPARATION & PLANNING   One of my greatest strengths is preparation and planning and I want to pass that on to you. We will work diligently to have you mentally and physically ready for every event. I'll provide numerous tools to help you train smarter and I offer a structured, customized program to fit your specific needs.

4G TRAINING    What is 4G? It's GUSTO + GUMPTION + GRUEL + GRACE. It's worked its way into my coaching and training philosophy. Some days you need GUSTO: enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest; or GUMPTION: spirited initiative, courage or common sense. You may have to face the GRUEL: an experience that's exhausting and punishing -- and give yourself GRACE: courteous goodwill, forgiveness and ease. It's likely that you'll face these in a race or in daily life. I design your plan around the 4G philosophy to help you succeed.

I’m excited about my business this year and I'm glad that you're a part of it. You should have received this letter, along with your welcome packet already. If you'd like to sign your liability waiver online, please click the link below and fill in the information at the bottom of the form.