The greatest thing about setting a goal and reaching it is the reward. Whether it's intrinsic (pride, satisfaction, relief) or extrinsic (a trophy, a tee shirt, a cupcake) -- the anticipation of a reward at the finish line is enough to keep you going.

On Sunday's ride, I think I planned a different reward as every mile passed. As usual, the rewards related to food (did I mention cupcakes?). Usually I crave ChickFilA, a real Co'Cola, but at mile 30 I was looking forward to the after ride treat: Moe's Chicken Burritos.

By mile 42, I was back to Chick Fil A, but I also wanted a McFlurry. I decided that if I could do all 100 miles I would treat myself to two. 

That wasn't enough to make me do 100+ miles. I tried to bribe myself with other food, but by mile 60 I wasn't feeling so great and the thought of anything else in my tummy made me even queasier, so I turned my thoughts to gear. Cute clothes. A new bike helmet. Disc wheel covers. 

All of these distractions kept me motivated for the next mile. They kept me motivated to finish even when I didn't want to! Even if I never purchase that

cute tank

from Title Nine, I'll know that it kept me going long enough to finish 85 miles on a hot, hilly day. 

When I finished, I got the burrito and a cupcake (or three).