It's here, it's here, it's finally here! It's time to taper! I did my last long ride on Saturday and now it's time to let my body adapt to that last bit of training load. I am so ready for it. My body, mind and spirit are tired. My goal for the next two weeks are simple: SLEEP. EAT WELL. STAY OFF MY FEET.   I'm scheduled for a massage and a yoga session this week, I am going to compex and foam roll every day and I will nap as much as possible.

I've been studying the taper the past few weeks (I really was looking forward to it) and how to do it best (for me). Generally, the run-in to a race and the reduced volume is hard for athletes. I sometimes feel sluggish and antsy. Doubt and fear creep in. Did I do enough? Why do my legs feel like concrete? Maybe I should just do one more mile. 

I have to remember that the hay is in the barn. It's a common phrase with runners or triathletes in the lead-in to a big event. I think it's derived from farmers who used to sit back at the end of harvest season (I imagine them on a front porch drinking sweet tea) and admire their hard work and success. I imagine them relaxing a bit knowing they had cleared the fields and the work was done.

My hard work is done. I get to enjoy the rest and get revved up for the race. I am strong and fit and steady and prepared. Now I get to prep for the trip and nail down my race plan and then I get to RACE!!!!