You may have already guessed: I did NOT make it on the podium. I was, you guessed it: FOURTH.  FOURTH, ya'll! Little did I know that Tracee H was ahead of us all! She had an incredible first swim and bike and came out on top by 36 seconds. Misty followed M.T. by only 42 seconds.  I wish I had seen them all come screaming through T4. Knowing the players would have made it a thrill to watch.

 I was a whopping two minutes behind Misty so, for what seems like the umpteenth time, I came in fourth. So, now it's a joke for me that THE FOURTH IS WITH ME. I've finished quite a few races just off the podium. Below is the Carolina Beach Double Sprint, The Lake Logan Sprint and the White Lake Half.


I joked with a friend this week at the pool. We both agreed that we'd rather be FIFTH! But, honestly, I can't complain. My age group in triathlon is very competitive. In 2014, the 40-44 age-group comprised the most USA Triathlon members. Plus, it seems that Masters athletes have results that are competitive with overall winners and younger age groups.

I am very excited to have improved so much over the years.  And I'm pleased that I met my goals and had such amazing women to chase. Can't wait to race again!