If I'm honest, at first glance I was disappointed with my race because of my results. In a sport that keeps score by the clock it's hard not to compare my/yourself to past results or other people. But, given a few days to reflect, I start to focus only on the positive. I recognize improvements and apply what I've learned. Every race becomes a win.

Plus, here's where I always win: if I compare the person I am now with the person I was in the spring, or the last race or the first race - then I see the success, the growth and maturity (and that is never about speed).

So, at first glance I was not pleased with my results. Compared to the spring race, I was four minutes slower in the swim, less than 30 seconds faster on the bike and two minutes slower on the run. My overall time was six minutes slower.

And then I remembered this: you can NEVER compare races. The external factors mean that no race is ever the same. Water temps, winds, humidity - heck even the courses may be yards longer - effect races.  Maybe if I raced in a pool, then on a stationary indoor bike and then on a treadmill, I would be able to accurately compare.

The amazing thing is that I was so close on all three. . And I placed in my age-group. And, above all - it felt - dare I say - easy. I respect the distance - but I felt like I could have gone farther.  I had a strong, solid race.

And that reflects who I am: a strong, solid athlete

Third in My Age Group

Third in My Age Group