On Saturday, at mile 94 on the bike in Ironman Santa Rosa I got my mojo back. Not my athletic mojo, but my writing mojo. I realized about a month ago that have taken almost a year off from writing articles. Instagram makes it easy to be creative in short bursts without words. Plus, on that bike ride I realized two things have been holding me back: comparison and perfection.

Part of my break is due to comparison. Why would I put anything out there when there are PLENTY of other talented coaches and bloggers out there already? What content can I put out there that is different or will make a difference? What can I say that hasn't already been said? Why would I write about my experience when other bloggers will share their race reports with better grammar and a bigger audience?

I actually met one of my favorite bloggers at Ironman Santa Rosa. It was as exciting for me as meeting a pro athlete! I recognized Amy Stone of amysaysso.com on the way out of T1 on Friday before the race. I've been reading her training and racing stories for about three years. I love getting her updates delivered to my inbox and always take the time to read them - and save my favorites. I stumbled upon her blog a few years ago and devoured her IMFrance race report. It helped me last year execute some of the details of my own race last June. The last thing I said to her: have a great race and keep writing!  My inner voice said: take your own advice.



Just like comparison steals my joy, perfection is the enemy of my progress. I want every article and thought to be whole and profound and complete and PERFECT before I hit publish. I fear the misspelled words and fret that my advice might be wrong.  But, dude! I don't even have an editor.  So, of course, there might be bad grammar and too many commas. And, this is my blog! So,  I have the power to retract a statement if I learn otherwise.

And so, I am going to write again.  About training, races, athletes, advice and more.  And yes, I'm sure these two things are holding me back in other areas and so I'll probably write about that, too. I hope you will join me for my next adventures. Ta Ta For Now.