The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

- Sally Berger

This was the quote on my very first blog post back in October of 2007. That seems like ages ago! It was a simple start to something that I love to do……write. It’s been an off and on practice of mine that I’ve decided to start again.

I love beginnings and I LOVE a new year. Newness holds the promise of potential. THAT is exciting. As in years past, I've picked my one word, I've decided what I'm giving up this year and I have set some new goals.

My one word is the main reason I’ve committed to blog. My one word for 2019 is CONGRUENT. It is not a pretty word! It means: superposable so as to be coincident throughout; similar to or in agreement with something, so that the two things can both exist or can be combined without problems. [Superposable: in geometry - to place a figure in the space occupied by another figure, so that they both coincide throughout their whole extent.

Wow. It’s so mathy.

The purpose of my one word is to provide clarity and focus. We all choose resolutions - things to do and not do - each year. I've found that choosing one word is a motive check. It digs into the intention behind my list of goals. It’s a lens I can use all year long to view certain situations, relationships and life choices. It focuses in on the more important person we want to be.

In a short 50+ days of 2019, I’ve remembered that writing is congruent with who I am.


So today I’m getting ahead by getting started.

If you’d like to choose your one word, CLICK HERE to find out more and leave your word in the comments below!