This might be the number one blog subject but I have to weigh in. Have you heard of the Bucket List? You know, it's that list of the things you'd love to do before you kick the bucket. I started a list about three years ago - and you know what? - SEVEN of my to-dos came true! I started with 100 on my list - how many do you have?

Here is part of my list (in no particular order):

  1. Have lunch with Oprah
  2. Have dinner with Jon Stewart
  3. See the musical WICKED
  4. Drink a glass of champagne atop the Eiffel Tower
  5. Take Dad and Joyce to Wimbledon - all expenses paid
  6. Be the Commencement speaker at Peace College
  7. learn to speak French fluently
  8. visit the Uffizi museum in Florence, Italy
  9. Body surf at Nai Harn each in Thailand
  10. Skinny dip at midnight in Fiji
  11. Sail around Australia and New Zealand
  12. Snorkel the Great Barrier reef
  13. Write a novel
  14. Visit the Louvre
  15. Take a guitar lesson from Trey Anastasio
  16. Attend the Academy Awards
  17. Help someone else achieve one of their 100 dreams
  18. Own a convertible
  19. Spend a week in the South of France
  20. Solve the problems in the Middle East
  21. Take five friends on an all-expense paid trip to New York City
  22. Learn a dance from Madonna
  23. Attend Sundance Film Fest
  24. Play basketball with Michael Jordan
  25. Dance the salsa inRio de Janiero, Brazil


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