Recovery Week! And by recovery, I mean I still did over 100 miles of swim, bike, run. I actually was coming off of 13 straight days of hard work. In those two weeks I did 274 miles (Biked 228 + Run 38 + Swim 8). So last week, I chilled out! I switched up my effort and my double days and simplified my week. Here's what that looks like:

Get Up!!!!

Get Up!!!!

MONDAY - ADAPTATION DAY I did nothing. I may have walked a quarter mile with Sunny Day. I took a nap. I did down dog for about 10 minutes and mermaid for four. After a very hard 77 mile bike ride the day before, I was due for a complete day off.

TUESDAY - Just a swim. And by just a swim I mean a challenging two miles in the pool. I even did a mixed set with butterfly!   It's a stroke that I've been challenged to learn my whole life and this year - thanks to our coach Alan - I can actually do it. And I kinda love it.

WEDNESDAY - I ran my strength run with Bee Beth and Jess. We headed to downtown ILM to get in some short hill intervals. We didn't even push. We ran south on Water Street, and then did up-and-backs three blocks at a time.

THURSDAY - Just a swim. It was a challenging swim, but I was so excited that I didn't have to bike or run after. Best. Coach. Ever. I'm starting to feel better. My body is starting to feel stronger instead of just tired. I also did pilates today and my strength is showing.  Check me out:


FRIDAY - A fairly easy ride at Wrightsville Beach. I was going to do a swim + bike brick - but due to the rumors of jellyfish in the channel, I opted for the the ride. It was a nice change to be outside instead of the pain cave. I rode with-slash-near JenniSunshine to the south end and we did a few build intervals at the north end. We watched the sun rise over Shell Island and then headed to her house for coffee. Yum.

SATURDAY - Non-Ironman training that I sure as heck am counting as strength and endurance. I had to teach at the Fitness Center. Four classes. Four hours.  Two bootcamp style classes, one pilates class and a LINE DANCE CLASS. Whaaaat?! Yep. That's right. I taught a line dance class. A few weeks ago, all the Zumba instructors were out of town and our coordinator asked who could fill in and what they could offer. I said I could teach a cardio pilates class. I also wrote: it would be fun to have a line dance class. Anyone can teach a line dance class. She wrote back: I LOVE IT! YOU'RE IT. So I've learned: the bikers shuffle, the two step shuffle, cupid shuffle and tush push. I actually taught three classes this week. This is what we look like:

What a week! The mix-up is what I needed to get my head back in the game.