It's race week! On Saturday, I'm doing my second half iron race of the year. I'm racing White Bake, oh, I mean White Lake Half, for the second time this year.

Here I am after the spring White Lake Half.

Here I am after the spring White Lake Half.

This is a dress rehearsal for my big event in November and I'm trying to look at it - trying to reframe it - as playing dress up. Lucinda gets to wear her race wheels, I get to wear my cute starry tri kit and I even get to pretend I'm someone else: a superhero, an olympian, an ATHLETE. I love playing dress up and the attitude that comes with it: I can practice being who I want to be.

I mention reframing it because I'm also trying to mentally conquer this course. My main goal for this race is to beat my run time from the spring. I finished that run in 2:12:34. White Lake is notoriously hot and - I don't mean to knock the event or the course - boring. There is no shade, there are very few spectators and then.....there is the white wall. There is a special heat that radiates from the white wall around Camp Clearwater (fine place to stay by the way). It tempts you to walk, it tempts you to cry, it tempts you to throw temper tantrums.

I'm going to try to beat the wall - the figurative and literal one. Tomorrow I'll share some of my secret weapons!

Check out my first White Lake race HERE.