I went to tri camp! Actually, Ace and I just returned from a staycation at Wrightsville Beach and it might have well been triathlon camp. I played triathlon for nearly two weeks and it was a lot like what I imagine tri camp to be: I swam long, biked hard and ran fast; I did functional strength workouts (like I should be doing already); I cross-trained, I even took a webinar and I recovered like a pro.  Here are some highlights:

A STEP BACK: On our first full day after we moved in, I took a step back in training. My plan called for a four hour ride but I didn't want to be far from my new home away from home.  So Falcon Spice and I did two loops at Wrightsville and headed out to Middle Sound Loop. One of the grossest things ever to happen in my tri training happened early on the ride. I will spare you the details but just know that it involved vomit and following too closely to the wheel in front of me (another reason not to draft).

BIRTHDAY TRIATHLON: I celebrated my birthday by making up a triathlon: a 44 minute swim + 44 minute bike + 44 minute run! I won! Mainly because I'm the only fool to have competed. I had invited others to join me, but it was lightning at the start line so I called off the fun. Ace and I decided to tackle it later that morning. We jumped in the channel and swam about four docks down before we both got zapped by jellyfish. So, 4.4 minutes into the swim, we bailed. I strolled through a transition that included pouring white vinegar on the sting and taking large sips of coffee. I did my 44 minute bike to both ends of the beach and then transitioned to the run (more coffee!).  I somehow timed it perfectly so that I finished with a run onto the beach. I kicked off my shoes and socks and visor and shades and jumped into my first wave as I hit the stop at 44:44! Great start to the day.

PIER to PIER SWIM: Ace and I completed our third annual pier-to-pier swim. Conditions were iffy for the entire two weeks - the threat of jellyfish, wind and storms made it hard to find the perfect day. We finally found a great day and swam from Crystal to Mercer's. It was a beautiful swim - one that started cloudy but ended with bright sunshine and blue skies. Later that week, we did an abbreviated swim on our last day. Ace got stung by a jelly on his belly, I saw a GIANT horseshoe crab and dove six feet to pick up the beauty below. I tucked it into my swimsuit and swam at least 300 yards with it. It was a great way to end our stay.