I am now about 20 weeks out from Ironman France. One hundred thirty-three days, 22 hours, 4 minutes.  My training officially started last Monday and I'll tell you what: it's been hard to get going.  I've been missing workouts and feeling a little unmotivated. I've felt heavy in practice and grumpy when I'm not at practice. I've been dragging my feet about booking hotels and flights and I've been worried for no reason.

Fortunately, I've figured out the TOP THREE reasons for my hesitation and the TOP THREE WAYS to beat it. Here's why I'm in a slump:

FEAR: I've been repeating that line from Dirty Dancing: I'm scared of everything. Baby's voice is in my head!   I'm scared of not reaching my goals. I'm scared of the Alps. I'm scared of leaving home. I'm scared of traveling with my bike. And most of all, I'm scared of running out of transition and never feeling like I do when I'm running at home. Okay, that's a little dramatic, but it fit with her line. What I mean is, what if all my preparation doesn't work this time? I'm a little paralyzed by fear. It's amazing that this sign appeared on my first bike ride for the season.

COLD: The cold is something I've not had to deal with in Ironman training. It's new and it's a really good excuse. Those of you who are mocking me right now - I get it. It's not that cold. I mean I live in North Carolina. On the coast. Snowmaggedon Jonas did not bring us sleet or snow. The high yesterday made it into the 50s. I should not be whining.  But, I miss bike rides with sunflowers and blueberries. I miss sweaty runs at the beach with no shade and open water swims. I almost miss White Lake - JUST KIDDING!

BASE: I don't like base training. There, I said it. I don't like steady state on the bike. I don't want to walk/run. I don't want lots of zone 2. I want hard intervals at the track. I want sub-threshold. I want the pain cave! [Okay, again. Just kidding.] I wish my coach would listen when I say: base is boring. Oh wait, I am my coach.  And I know how to make base not boring.

So, tomorrow, I'll reveal the TOP THREE WAYS to get going.


JUST WAVE HELLO [Charlotte Church]

The dawn is rising on a new day
Time for us to go
The shadows fall and quickly fade away
Time to wave hello
It's time to go now
Time to wave hello now
Let your dreams be wings
That fly as far as the stars