Fun, fun, fun is my top way to get the funk out. I mentioned in my last post that I have been in a funk. And I've been working hard to get back into the groove.  For me, fun is the answer. (Pizza is also an answer, but not right now.). I've said (many times) before that triathlon is like being a kid again - only faster. Part of that kid-ness is having fun. So, I've been putting some fun back into my training. If I'm not going to be on the roads of Pender County, then my indoor rides need to be fun.

So, SUFFERFEST it is. I've set up my pain palace, loaded an app and headed to Sufferlandria. I've cycled through the Alps, raced the Giro d'Italia and even done cyclo-cross from the comfort of my living room and the big screen. The workouts are good for my body, the music is rockin' and the sense of humor behind every Sufferlandrian command is good for the soul. As a coach, I know right where to put the different rides in my plan - but I don't have to think too much about the workout. The Minister of Sufferlandria is yelling at me to go so hard my eyes bleed. Ouch.

The Pain Palace

The Pain Palace

The second element of my jump start is NEWNESS.  I've been teaching at the our hospital's Employee Fit Center since it opened five years ago. It still looks brand new. But, it's expanding and being renovated. It's like pouring new on top of new. The new equipment has sparked some spunk. A little desire to go in and play. We have a jungle gym that looks like a training playground for American Ninja Warrior, a versa climber, erg skiier, new spin bikes and THIS: 

My third step to get the funk outta here? I'm getting out my microscope. France is out there - but it seems waaay out there. I've been using a telescope to see it. It's five months away and an event that far out can lull anyone into a sense of complacency.  It's hard to get out there for a run or bike or swim in January when June seems like another galaxy. So, I'm dusting off my microscope and readjusting my field of vision. What does that mean? Refining my goals. Making them smaller and closer. Making them show up. That will be new and fun. [NEXT UP: GOAL REFINING.]

FUN, FUN, FUN by Pharrell

Take me, far away, anywhere
As long as it's fun, fun, fun, fun
Fun, fun, fun, I wanna go