I am getting excited about my year. I am less than 50 days away from my first Ironman of the year and this is where things get packed. I can’t believe it is unfolding as quickly as it is. The next few weeks are BANANAS. Sh!t just got real!

Here’s how it’s all mapped out.

I am doing three MDot races this year:

I have no expectations for this one. I am woefully under-trained. My hill training is all virtual. Zwift and Rouvy have been my main hill work. I haven’t been swimming in two weeks. My run volume is higher than last year, but my long runs are far from what they should be. As of this moment, my longest run has been 13 miles. I’m worried about the altitude but I’m also thrilled that I am going to Boulder!

I can’t wait to do this one. I’ll consider Boulder a kick-off to training for the hills of Kentucky. I might actually shoot for a PR at IMLOU. The swim is current-assisted, the bike is hilly (which I love) and the run is relatively flat. Plus, it is the All-World Athlete Challenge. It’s a new race within the race that may challenge me to work my booty off to rank a little higher than last year. IM is offering fun perks like a Kona viewing party, an AWA swim start lane and fancy seating at the welcome dinner.


Is it bad that I already picture myself on the beach the day AFTER the race with a cocktail in hand? I haven’t even done one of my races and I’m already finished with all three and I’m in Mexico and I’m napping on the beach. Okay, snap back to reality. I am looking forward to this one because of two reasons: Jen and Tonya. (I’m hoping that my third reason is Maria.) This is going to be an amazing race because once again I’ll be tackling it with friends. I am truly blessed to make this journey with people who make me laugh and sing (and sometimes cuss). Doing another race with these girls is going to make this third race of the year my favorite. I can tell already!


My other big race is an ultramarathon:

XTreme Triathlon Iceland - July 27. This one is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. I’m actually doing the marathon (+ a few miles) portion of this ultra-distance triathlon with my friend Sami. This race requires/highly encourages a SAG supporter on the bike and a SAG run partner for the run. I have always said that I’d never do a stand-alone marathon, but I am making an exception. Technically, it’s longer than a marathon and it’s part of a triathlon so it’s DIFFERENT! Right?

In preparation for Boulder, I’m hitting the road this month with three major training weekends of events.

Bike the Banks 100-Miler. I did this a few years ago in the lead-in to Ironman France and even though it has one hill, it helped me prepare for the 90-minute climb I faced in the Alps. There is likely going to be wind that feels like a mountain.

Crystal Coast Full Booty Aquabike. The ironman without the run! I’ve never done an Aquabike before but I’m super excited about this race. The timing is perfect to practice a swim+bike and did I mention I don’t have to run? It's also in the Morehead City area, so I’ll be headed back into the wind.

Pinehurst International. I learned last year not to go into a big race without racing a little race ahead of time. I did the Age Group Nationals in 2019 and I was SO NERVOUS. It was totally unlike me to have butterflies and the shakes. I realized that I hadn’t raced in over nine months and that I need to get the cobwebs out with smaller races before I toe the line at a bigger race. Doing the Booty race will help and so will Pinehurst. It’s short, but it features a lake swim and rolling hills for the bike and the run. It should be a great way to shake off the cobwebs and prepare for Boulder.

I have my eyes on a few other races this year, but haven’t fully committed. I want to do White Lake (did someone say aquabike?), the Carolina Beach Double Sprint and the Wrightsville Beach sprint. Those favorite local races are always on my list. We’ll see what else pops up in the fall to support IMLOU hills and IMCOZ.


Right on the heels of Ironman Cozumel there’s THIS:

All the Bling!

All the Bling!

Remember how I said I’d never do a stand-alone marathon? I also said that if I ever did one, it would be this one. The DOPEY CHALLENGE. A 5k, 10k, 13.1 and 26.2 all in one weekend at Disney!

Let’s do this!