Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my new site.  I can already tell you that I couldn't train, race, work or live without you all in my life.  From the beginning [read about my first race here] I'm very blessed to have family, friends and teammates that encourage, support and love me on this crazy journey. In that first race, Ace was my ironSherpa (even though it was a sprint), Anna traveled to Charlotte to watch me and cheer me on and Cheryl was a mentor and guide. I try to be all that in my daily life - someone to help carry the burden, to be a cheerleader, to be a coach. 

I'm inspired and positive because of the people around me. Just today, I was flower bombed by a friend at swim practice. I came out to my car, smelling like chlorine and looking like a drowned triathlete and found this on my car:

Here are some other thank yous! You should read them, I bet you're in there. You should at least check out the pictures.

B2B 2013 Gratitudes

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